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Aamir Khan is keen to reprise his role in Dhoom franchise

The actor wishes to be a part of the future installments of Dhoom, if his character manages to beat the good guys

The thing about a successful franchise is that, the actors are never indispensable. Aamir Khan wants to be an exception.

According to the buzz, the actor, who plays a super villain in Dhoom 3, is keen to reprise his role in future installments. And he has apparently put in a word with the production house that he should be the one playing this character, not any other actor.

Negative leads in the Dhoom franchise have always walked away with the maximum applause.

While Dhoom had John Abraham who rode his superbikes to daring heists, Dhoom 2 had Hrithik Roshan play the consummate con and Dhoom 3 has Aamir Khan, who reportedly plays a baddie who can perform gravity-defying leaps.

TOI had also reported long time back that YRF has plans to rope in Salman for Dhoom 4 and end the franchise by roping their favourite SRK for Dhoom 5.

When contacted, YRF spokesperson said: “Aamir and the whole team is very happy with the way D3 is shaping up and are very excited. However, there is no talk of D4 at this stage.”


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