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Aamir Khan turns a woman again

Aamir Khan does it again! Not for the first time the chameleonic superstar has donned the garb of a woman for a commercial.

True to his penchant for experimenting with different looks, Aamir Khan has turned a woman again for an upcoming commercial in which he plays himself (an actor) researching the role of a woman. Dressed in drag, he visits his neighbour’s house, leading to a lot of funny instances.

Aamir’s trusted make-up artiste Mickey Contractor was responsible for the actor’s transformation into fairer sex for this new ad. It took the actor more than two hours to get ready for the ad where he will be wearing lipstick, kajal and other make-up to look like a woman and also dressing like a woman in a salwar kameez and bra.

“Aamir was a bit irritated with the wig and the net that we stuck to the side. He had to shave at least twice a day, wear stockings, a bra and a woman’s costume,” Contractor is quoted as saying by HT.

Well, this is not the first time Aamir Khan has turned a woman for an ad. He was seen in drag in the TV commercials in the year 2005 and 2008. But his first stint as a sexy siren came as early as 1995 when he turned a cabaret girl for a song in his film Baazi.


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