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Daughter Trishala asks Sanjay Dutt to be strong, not tense!

Sanjay Dutt’s 22-year-old daughter Trishala has been constantly in touch with her father, who is undergoing immense stress after the Supreme Court’s verdict. For the uninitiated, SC had pronounced five years of imprisonment to the actor.

Daughter Trishala and his former wife Richa Sharma who are based in United States, have been in touch with her dad via cell phone and Skype (networking site).

Sources known to Dutt said, “Trishala, who shares a strong relationship with her father, is often in touch via smartphone/through Skype (networking site). On March 21, the two had a brief talk over the phone wherein Trishala cheered her shattered papa asking him to keep his cool and not be tense, but strong”.

In one of the interview which Trishala Sanjay Dutt’s daughter had given in 2007, she revealed that she shares a very strong relationship with her father. “Most people think he and I aren’t very close, but they’re wrong. Just because I don’t see him everyday doesn’t mean he and I aren’t close. He has a loving and giving heart. He loves to see others happy. He’d rather see someone else enjoy than himself enjoying it. He may not express it, but it’s there,” Trishala had said.

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