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Katrina Kaif had lived in Tokyo

Not many may be aware that Katrina Kaif lived in Japan for some time during her growing up years.

The actress has fond memories of the country and even remembers a smattering of Japanese. The actress went on a nostalgia trip about the land of the rising sun when Kabir Khan (who directed her in Ek Tha Tiger) told her about the plans to release her film there.

Says Kabir, “Before I left for Japan for the premiere of Ek Tha Tiger, I spoke to Katrina about the film being released on April 20. She was excited about it. She has spent two years in the country so there are a lot of memories attached to the place.”

He adds, “She even made me learn a few Japanese words that would come in handy. Katrina still remembers whatever she had learnt as a youngster,” More importantly the star also told Kabir that if he shot a film in Japan, she would have to be part of the cast! Kabir, along with Yash Raj Films folk Avtar Panesar and Aashish Singh, scoured for locations to shoot a film across different cities in Japan.

Adds Kabir, “Even though YRF was just checking the possible locations in the country, Katrina told me that if I ever had to make a film that was going to be shot in Japan, I would have to cast her.” Kat was unavailable for the premiere of her film with Salman Khan due to her shoot commitments. “As she was busy, she could not make it but she is keen to visit Japan again,” informs Kabir.


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