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Krissh 3 wrapped up now in post production stage

It is his prize project and Hrithik Roshan is taking no chances with it.

Krissh 3, which has just wrapped up, has entered its crucial post production stage. The first promo is being edited at a studio in the suburbs, which is run by Binny Padda. It is a studio that specialises in cutting promotional trailers, and has films such as Ghajini, Rockstar, and Koi Mil Gaya to their credit.

According to eye-witnesses, Hrithik has been spending long hours at the studio, often burning the midnight oil in the process.

Said a source, “Anyone who walks into the studio at any time of day or night, is likely to bump into him. For weeks now he has been ensconced in the editing room, overseeing every bit of the trailers which will not go on air before the middle of this year.” This is hardly surprising considering how special-effects-heavy the film is.

However, the film, which was supposed to be converted into the 3-D format, will not be so.

Confirming this, Rakesh Roshan told us, “Krrish 3 is not happening in 3D.”

Buzz is, this decision was initiated by the fact that many of the big blockbusters in 3D in the recent past did not got the cash registers ringing


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