Movie Review: Rangrezz (2013)

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Remake of the Tamil film NAADODIGAL [2009], which was remade in various Indian languages subsequently, RANGREZZ is essentially a tale of friendship, with a love story integrated in the plotline. Sadly, it runs out of fizz in its post-interval portions, after leaving quite an impression in the first hour.

RANGREZZ narrates the story of three friends who attempt to unite another friend with his lady-love. In the process, each of them loses something precious. Consequently, the trio gets a rude shock when they realize that the hardships they encountered to unite the lovers has proved meaningless, as the lovers decide to go separate ways owing to differences.

This is an elemental film, not the least apologetic about serving up a spicy dish .The Bihar-Uttar Pradesh dialectic dialogues come across self-consciously the way they are mouthed by the two actors – Pankaj Tripathi and Lushin Dubey, playing warring politican-parents of lovers-on-the-run. Ms Dubey is especially hammy. But then this is no place for the soft-spoken.

This is a film with very strong sensory perceptions. The landscape is ruthless, rugged and riveting. The emotions are primeval. Caveman tactics, with characters caught out of their cushy hideouts kicking dragging and screaming, are the prevalent mode of vindication. It’s a tough world. And obviously a very tough film to make.

Full marks to the film’s makers and the able cast of male actors who lend a compelling authenticity to the edge-of-the-seat goings on.


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “Rangrezz revisits the youngistaan of India in the name of love, friendship, believe, marriage, lust and parenthood. Truly demands a look for those who are hooked in love or looking for getting hooked in love.”
3.0 “Rangrezz is a powerful social drama that brims with the urgency of the young and the audacious.”
3.0 “Go for it. The rebellious boys’ club of Rangrezz is every bit as meritorious as its counterpart in Kai Po Che!.”
NDTV Movies
Average Reviews
2.5 “The boy buddies put in their best, but this film could have done with a dash more ofcolour.”
Times of India
2.5 “If you are looking for a story, that is different from the usual fare that Bollywood dishes out, do watch Rangrezz. However, be prepared to not get overly impressed.”
2.5 “Rangrezz had immense potential and a thorougly tested story to make for a great watch but the lose screenplay and trite writing ruined the chance. “
Negative Reviews
2.0 “RANGREZZ has an impressive first half, but loses focus in the post-interval portions. One definitely expected more!”
Bollywood Hungama
2.0 “Lack of able screen presence of its actors. Despite a decently impressive script, the execution is done rather sloppily.”
1.5 “Priyadarshan loses track mid way and instead of exploring new ground often falls back on his tried and tested formula which seems outdated.”
DNA India
1.5 ” It’s only the audience that suffers sometimes, that is, if they choose to buy the ticket of course.”
Daily BHaskar
1.5 “Priyadarshan has been growing so steadily unwatchable these days that you fear the worst when you step into Rangrezz, a remake of the Tamil hit Naadodigal. As the film unspools, each of those fears come true: this is rock-bottom.”

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