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Sajid Khan with Himmatwala in his style

Filmmaker Sajid Khan had bought the remake rights for ‘Himmatwala’ along with two songs, but his protagonist Ajay Devgn was perplexed on hearing the first draft of the script because it sounded like an entirely different movie.

“When I told Ajay I wanted to work with him, he knew it would be Himmatwala. But the first thing he asked me was, ‘Sajid, how are you going to do this?’ I told him that I would make the movie my way and after a month, when I went back to him with the final draft, he was sold. But he was confused because my movie wasn’t the remake of the 1983 original. I wanted my name to be attached to the cult movie. This is my Himmatwala, my style,” the director explains.

Ajay and Sajid met in college in 1988 and studied together till ’92, after which they both went their separate ways. “We lost touch for 18 years. And this time, I found respect for Ajay that I obviously couldn’t feel 20 years back. The way he has conducted himself is inspiring.”

He adds, “This is Ajay Devgn being re-launched after Phool Aur Kaante. Had he not liked the script, I would’ve scrapped the movie. The power of conviction that he has in his eyes, very few actors even get close to that. Ajay has three layers to him — the topmost is that of a superstar, after which is the fact that he is a very fine actor and lastly, a fantastic human being.”

Himmatwala, produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Pooja Entertainment and Films, releases March 29.

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