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Death of Indian Cinema – 1.0/5.0

So here we go people, the Armageddon of 2012 has indeed arrived with the world stepping into reverse chronology of disasters. If Himmatwala of 1983 was there for a reason and disappeared for a reason, this one of 2013 appears for no reasons. 1. The scum of 80’s was an era of Ham cinema where there were limited means/exposure to real sense of entertainment, so whatever crap was fed to Rest of Indian Cinema ( inspired by the crappier South Indian Cinema) worked wonders. 2. Then came 90’s where romance was reinvented with likes of DDLJ , DTPH etc…surreal, no more loud but still pretty. , 3.2000’s marked the foray of ’Real World’ cinema with Company, Wednesday, Pa etc – More sensibilities, less pretty but truthful. THEN…. comes a breed of idiotic / spineless films that not only retard the evolution of cinema but reverse it. Nothing against Sajid Khan, but the problem is,where the entire world is striving to take people’s standards to higher level( I will not mention Hollywood for obvious reasons)…these retards (due to lack or rather no formal training of Film making) are thinking that people’s verdict/a.k.a 100 crore club is the ultimate victory trumpet. Partially true – but then what about the fine line – between lewdness and acceptance, cheapness and humour, action and over-the-top action! Till date- the most successful hindi film ever is 3 idiots! – how did they manage to draw that fine line and yet enter (or initiate) the several 100 crore club?? People will like whatever is marketed well! You can sell Lifebuoy like Dove if you spend enough bucks on marketing– but the problem is you can’t stop the pink stink! And that’s what we are ending up with – Himmatwala. Watch it if you really are not able to move over the ’scum’ of 80’s and have managed to retain the ugliness of ta thaiya ta thaiya/taaki o taaki, and forgotten the charm of classics like Sparsh,Qurbani,Jaane Bhi Do Yaroon,Tezaab or Maine Pyar Kiya!
Smart people take the ’best’ from time and move on, while savages repeat the ’worst’ of time and stop others from moving on! Choice is yours!

By: hiteshmalhotra31


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