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Himmatwala will be the biggest loser of 2013 – 1.0/5.0

Who is Himmatwala? Sajid Khan / Ajay Devgan / the Producers / the Distributors / the Exhibitors or the few people like me who dared to see this movie.

It is difficult to decide who is a worse director in this family – Sajid Khan with Himmatwala / Farah Khan with Tees Maar Khan or Kunder with Joker. It seems each one of them want to outdo the others.

Saw an interview couple of days ago – where Sajid Khan said he bets that no one will get tickets in the first 3 days and he expects the movie to be amongst the top 3 movie raking business in 2013. Seeing the reaction of the audience, I can bet Himmatwala will be the biggest loser of 2013 .

If this is entertainment, I am sorry Sajid, you need to revisit your Eke-pe-Eke days and go back to Television.
I am feeling bad for Ajay Devgan. He had earned the reputation of working in good entertaining movies. This movie has completely ruined this image.

Paresh Rawal & Mahesh Manjrekar try to ape Kader Khan and Amjad Khan from the original ? not sure why would they want to act in this movie even if they got loads of money. Tamanna – the new actress from South, must have hoped this movie does what the original did for Sridevi. Alas, one may not see her again.
This is the first Sajid Khan movie without Akshay Kumar ? good decision by Akshay or simply good luck.
Typically classic films are remade; Sajid Khan has made the ‘original’ decent film look like a classic in comparison to his movie.

Now to the most difficult part of this review… the rating. I rate this movie -5/10 . You read it right, I gave it a minus 5 on 10. I wish I had paid heed to my brother’s advice and not gone for the movie – for once you were right brother! But on the brighter side, I would not know how bad a movie can be had I not gone for it.

By: mvora1967


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