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Property disputes plague Kher house

Kirron and her sister-in-law, Honii Sandhu, caught in a legal tangle over a family home

With Sikandar Kher locking horns with his step sister Tara Alisha Berry over a 3,000-sqft flat in SoBo, the spotlight is back on the legal tangle Kirron has found herself in, with a family row snowballing into a full blown property dispute. Her widowed sister-in-law has accused her and her sister, Kanwal, of usurping her husband’s property.

According to a source close to Honii Sandhu, Kirron’s sister-in law, soon after the death of their brother, the two sisters persuaded their father, Thakar Singh, to write a will and divide his property between the two.The source said: “He was told that they will look after their brother’s widow and two daughters.”

Kirron is one of the three children of a well-to-do family in Chandigarh. Her brother, Amardip Singh, who was a painter, passed away in 2003, leaving behind his 37-year-old wife, Honii, and two daughters aged 13 and 9. Honii has lodged a case against the family, accusing the two sisters of trying to usurp a commercial property that their father owns, without giving her a share. And the court has passed stay orders on the sale of the property.However,according to a source close to Kirron, the family had no intention to sell the property in the first place.

Honii and her daughters stay on the first floor of the palatial house, which Kirron’s father owns in Sector 8- one of the most posh areas in Chandigarh. According to sources, the relationship between Honii and the two sisters have always been bitter but it got worse a year back,when the family wanted to widen the compound’s gate. Honii objected to this, as she was apprehensive that the sisters might not put her husband’s name on the new gate. The house is named after Kirron’s brother.

Sources close to Kirron’s family insist that there was no such conspiracy brewing and it was Kirron, who had suggested the house be named after their brother.The misunderstanding led Honii to block the gate with her car and cops had to be called into dissolve the tension. A year has passed since then, and Honii’s car is still parked on that spot causing inconvenience to all.

When contacted, Kirron said that the matter is subjudice and hence she can’t comment on it. However a friend of Kirron said: “Kirron’s father had his property divided equally among his three children. Kanwal, has given up her life in America and moved in with her father, who turned 100 this February, in order to take care of him. Their sister-in-law lives in that house, she has opened a boutique inside the premises and still she wants more.”

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