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Ranbir Kapoor drives home a point with Katrina

Shows how serious he is about his girl , takes her home and they spend hours together

Ranbir Kapoor seems to be towing the love line after all. Just days after this newspaper reported about how Katrina Kaif had read him the riot act for not giving their relationship enough TLC, the actor seems to be doing what any good boyfriend ought to – giving his girl all the time in the world.

Around 1 2. 45 am on Wednesday, Ranbir, dressed in casuals and his favourite jacket, drove his white Audi to Kat’s apartment on Waterfield Road, in Bandra. Within seconds, Kat – dressed in jeans and a red top- skipped downstairs and got into his car.

They drove off to the Kapoor residence Krishna Raj, w here the gates opened around 1 am to let the couple in. They were inside the bungalow, where they have been seen very often of late, working out their differences till daybreak, we presume. In fact, till about 8 am, they did not emerge.

According to sources, the good looking couple are now serious about making their relationship work. While their respective films have eaten into their private time, their latest schedules have thrown them together in the city again.

While Katrina is training to shoot some serious action sequences in Film City, Ranbir has been shooting for Besharm in the suburbs. Talk about serendipity.

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