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Salman hates it when heroines try to play up to him for the role

Saman Khan’s latest heroine Daisy Shah shot some dramatic scenes with the superstar in Dubai for his home production Mental.

And now the unit will move to Mumbai, Kolhapur, Lhasa and Goa for the rest of the shooting.

Ashmit Patel and Yash Tonk play the other important roles as Salman’s friends in Mental.

A source from the location in Dubai says `Daisy is one of the coolest heroines Salman has worked with. The thing is, she didn’t try to play up to him for the role. Nor did she go out of the way to suck up to him while shooting.

Salman hates it when heroines play up to him just to get on the screen with him. Recently one top heroine whom he had fallen out with, went all out to woo Salman, dropping in to his home to meet his sisters. Salman hates all these games.

He hates it when heroines snuggle up to his family to get close to him. He likes women who don’t play up to him for roles. Daisy was a chorus dancer for Ganesh Acharya. She just couldn’t care less about stardom. That’s the spirit Salman subscribes to. `

Daisy, we hear, was `one of the guys` in the Dubai stint.

`She is ultra-cool. Not least awed by the prospect of being promoted from chorus dancer to Salman Khan’s leading lady. She is like, ‘Okay, whatever. ‘

We hear Salman and Sohail have big plans to promote Daisy.

Says the source, `She’ll be the Next Big Thing after Katrina among Salman’s co-stars. `

In the meanwhile we hear Tabu who plays Salman’s sister, has the strongest female part in the film.


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