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Salman Khan suffers wardrobe malfunction!

Salman Khan is not a man to be discomfited by a bit of skin show. Known for his penchant for doffing off his shirts, the superstar displayed a cool disregard for his torn trousers while shooting an action scene for Mental.

The shoot was reportedly taking place in ND Studios where a huge set was put up depicting a road and lots of traffic on it. Salman Khan was astride a bike, and while doing the action scene he unknowingly ended up with a slit in his trouser at the thigh. The tear exposed the superstar’s thigh, but the actor was unaware of the wardrobe malfunction until it was pointed out to him.

However, Salman’s reaction to the malfunction was priceless. What could have been an embarrassment for any superstar was nothing more than a piffling annoyance for Salman. The actor coolly shrugged off his concern and continued to shoot with torn trousers.

“Everyone was surprised to see how cool the actor was when he learnt about the wardrobe malfunction…When the assistants requested him to change his trousers, he calmly reasoned that the remaining shots are close-ups and his trousers will be hardly visible in the frame,” a source is quoted as saying by Mumbai Mirror.

It’s learnt that Salman Khan completed his shots without an iota of awkwardness, much to the admiration of some 300 people on the sets of Mental.

Till recently the film co-starring Daisy Shah and Sana Khan was being shot in Dubai.


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