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Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan grace cover of “Hello!”

The first couple of Bollywood have spoken up about dealing with the trappings of fame in an interview to a magazine. Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan pose together on the cover of HELLO! Magazine’s anniversary special, he in glittering black, she in pristine white.

In the cover photo, SRK trains his trademark intense stare on his wife, who is all bronzed limbs and tumbling hair.

Shah Rukh has praise of the highest sort for his wife, and credits her with playing a key role in his life as India’s biggest superstar: “It’s a relationship from her side of being extremely selfless in a very selfish environment. Maintaining a dignity in a publicity-crazed world.”

He also acknowledges this: ‘I am not an easy person to deal with. I come with all the trappings of complexity, over-sensitivity and self-obsession which a movie star is made up of.”

Super-busy SRK also says: “I have never been made to feel that I have to make up for time with the kids.”

For her part, Gauri says of her famous husband: “He has the knack of making anyone feel special. And has always made me feel so.’

We call that Khan-tastic.


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