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You have to be a HIMMATWALA to sit through this – 1.0/5.0

Currently in bollywood there are two sets of movie makers, one those who believe in experimenting and coming up with something unique and then there are a set of directors who stick to there normal entertainment package.

After watching movies like Heyy Baby and Housefull series as an audience we know what we are to expect from a Sajid Khan movie but this movie lacks the class as well as the panache of his earlier movies.
I would like to tell you about the story but then it is the same story that you have been told again and again so no point in going there. When you have a story like this all comes down to the directors presentation and here the presentation of the director just gives you headaches.

Ajay Devgan has achieved a new low with this, if you thought Son of Sardar was bad then this is even worse. Then you have the supremely talented Paresh Rawal for who you lose all the respect that he has gained after doing OMG and Table no.21 just by looking at his get up ( he even tries to mimic Kader Khan but fails terribly) then you have two comedians or villains i.e., Mahesh Manjarekar and Aditya suman who have absolutely no purpose what so ever in the movie. Then there is the beautiful Tamannah Bhatia and that is all she had to do just be there in every 15th minute of the movie and you can see Asrani saab still doing his Sholay gimmicks (SONGS AND OTHER ASPECTS OF THE MOVIE BETTER NOT BE TALKED ABOUT).

Every person who sits through this entire movie is certainly a HIMMATWALA.

By: anand_easy


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