Bollywood at its best! – 3.5/5.0

By: Smita

Jawaani deewani has all the gloss and sheen of a Dharma Productions film. The fantastic locations, the fabulous clothes etc all make the movie pleasant to watch. Fortunately, it also has a heart that beats pretty strongly, making it a typical Bollywood movie where we know what to expect and when – the songs, the romance, the tears. It’s all here in this neat package and though the story shows no surprises it gives you same sense of satisfaction that you get when you watch your favourite movie for the umpteenth time.

Bunny, Adity and Avi, 3 school friends go on a trek to Manali. They are joined by Nayna, who used to be the studious one in school and is still a misfit. They become friends and Nayana falls in love with Bunny but can’t tell him. Bunny’s dream is to travel the world and he fulfils it by working on a travel show. Aditi who was in love with Avi earlier now settles for an arranged marriage and Avi tries to get over his failure in business by turning to alcohol and gambling. They all meet again after 8 years at Aditi’s wedding and pick up the threads of their friendship and the romance. Will Bunny give up his wandering for Nayna, will Avi get over his jealousy of Bunny’s success and other assorted dilemmas make up the movie post interval.

The first half is well paced as it sets the stage for the meet up after 8 years but the second half starts sagging a wee bit at times under the weight of all the tangles it has to solve. The romance between Bunny and Nayna, the friendship between Bunny and Avi, Bunny’s coming to terms with his dad’s death and truce with his stepmom, Aditi’s discussion on how she fell in love with her husband.. Phew. In addition to all this heavy stuff, throw in some songs and dances and you begin to flag a bit.

What prevents you from getting exhausted are the funny lines that Bunny gets to keep things light hearted and prevent the drama from becoming maudlin. Plus, the total absence of melodrama even at the most emotional times keeps you engaged and invested in the characters/The songs are also peppy and help the atmosphere from becoming stifling.

The relationship between the friends is handled far more adeptly than the romance which doesn’t get enough screen time to develop. There is more of just Ranbir rather than Ranbir and Deepika and that was a bit disappointing. In contrast , the relationship between Bunny, Avi and Aditi is extremely well handled.

Ranbir is cute and endearing and gives us a funny Bunny. The teenage crowd was quite over the moon in the auditorium. I liked him but think he looks too thin here. Deepika as the intellectual but socially inept Nayna is sincere and effective, besides looking awesome. Kalki and Aditya Roy Kapoor provide great support as the friends and really add texture to the movie.

This is an entertaining movie to watch. If you like romances and dances and pretty places and shiny people then there is nothing not to like. This is Bollywood at its quintessential best. Get out of the heat and wallow in this one.


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