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Bollywood is still a male dominated industry: Aditi Rao Hydari

Aditi Rao Hydari, who gave up her girl-next-door image for her sensual avatar in Murder 3 claims that success changed her life, but she will always try to do different things. In a conversation with TOI, the actress speaks about her career, critical acclaim and her opinion on male dominated Bollywood and the changing situation for women in the industry.

How has life changed after the success of Murder 3?
I am happy and it feels great. I think for an actor gets success it’s a good feeling. There is always something more to the good feeling, I don’t have film background so I should be thankful to people for their support. I get lot of offers, but what is the challenge into it is the insight to pick up the right project.

How do you select a film?
I go by my instinct while selecting a project. It’s important for me to like the script and I see whether people will be able to understand the story. I am getting lot of offers, but I see whether I enjoy reading and watching a film then only I accept it.

The Bhatts are all praises for you. How does it feel?
I have blessings from Bhatt sahib and they have made stars. They are responsible for creating people. That gives lot of encouragement to work even more and they are great.

What matters to you critical acclaim or box office?
You want people to watch films and critical acclaim gets you happiness. I want to be known as a memorable actress.

How do you think the situation for women has changed in Bollywood?
I am not an industry person, but it’s still a male dominated industry. People are realizing the importance of stories. It’s about story telling and not about male or women. People understand that women stories interest audience as there is so much in their life.

What do you think works for you in the industry?
I can be positive and have good aura. People see how you behave. I say what I want, but I am not insensitive


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