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It’s a little embarrassing to do song sequences: Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn has learnt the art of mastering every genre in the book. Any wonder then that his follo’ers hang onto every word this usually taciturn actor utters. To hear the entire conversation log onto on your mobile

Which genre are you most comfortable in?
An actor’s job is to act. I like to constantly switch genres so that each time I am doing something different.

What’s your take on being called the most bankable star?
I really don’t know what being the most bankable star means, but I really think it’s when you select your films right. When you do films, some are going to work and some aren’t. I’d just say it’s thanks to right choices and audiences’ love.

Is Ajay a good cook or a foodie?
I’d say both. I do not eat a lot, but I love good food. I also cook very well. My daughter and my family loves my food and I can cook everything and anything. It relaxes me.

How do you keep the romance in your marriage alive?
I think the bottom line is how do you keep your marriage alive and that is by understanding each other, by being friends with each other, by not taking each other for granted, by caring for each other. It’s everything put together. You really have to know what the other person needs and wants and what you want and you have to strike a good balance.

On being a doting father to Nysa and Yug…
My priority today is my children and will always be. It’s an amazing feeling. Am I a good father or not is a question only Nysa and Yug will be able to decide once they grow up. I think I am.

The most embarrassing moment while at work…
I really can’t think of any, but sometimes I do get embarrassed when I am doing song sequences. It’s a little embarrassing. Everybody is watching and I have to dance, but I’ve learnt how to handle that.

A fitness tip for your follo’ers.
Being fit is not having a good physique. It’s about just being fit. Where weight is concerned you have to just remember that it’s calorie intake and calorie burn. If you are taking in 2200 calories per day, you have to burn 2000 calories.

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
There was a fan who came from some small town and started living outside my house. He used to meet me every morning, but he’d never disturb me. We started giving him food. I found out where he was from, spoke to his parents, found out that he had run away from home, convinced him to go back and put him in a train and sent him away. But within a month he ran away from home again and came back to live outside my house. One morning, when I woke up, he was dead. I don’t think anybody could be that crazy. It was very sad.

What according to you is your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement is a great balance between my work and my family. Also that I can stand up and say that I have done everything on my own, the way I wanted to do it.


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