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Just be strong: Sanjay Dutt

Those were the last words that Sanjay Dutt told his sister Namrata (Anju) before he left home to serve his jail sentence last week. Recounting the incident an emotional Namrata (whom Dutt would call his little mother) said, “Sanju told me before leaving, ‘Just be strong.’ Because when he sees me strong, it gives him strength. I didn’t go with him because I had to stay back home to look after the kids.” Namrata was horrified at the media frenzy that happened when Dutt went to jail. “It was like the Truman Show happening.

There were no media barricades or security to take him to the court and bikes were allowed on the Bandra Sea Link. When going to the court Sanju was hit so badly in his chest that he collapsed! A camera lens hit him and Owen had to pick him up. I am very worried about him as his medical reports were not good. The court, after reading his medical history, said he can have ghar ka khana and medicines for a month, as he’s suffering from blood pressure, also one of his leg is not in a good shape. This year has been terrible for all of us because we have been waiting for the verdict. I am proud of the way Sanju has handled all this at his age. He’s gone through so much in life and always emerged a winner.”

She adds, “Twenty years ago, he was physically and mentally stronger. Today, he has two babies and a lot more responsibilities. He is not a party guy. These days, Sanju would shoot and spend time at home with his family. The day he went to jail last week was the saddest day for us. It was like flashback. We were re-living what happened 20 years ago.

Now we are much older and Dad is not with us. Today, there is no one older to guide us.

Dad was like a rock. Media, too, then was so different. They understood and respected your emotions. After the media frenzy, I have realised it’s a curse to be a celebrity today.”

When asked when she would go and visit her brother in prison she says, “I guess Priya will get to visit him first because she is an MP. But we all will definitely meet him.”


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