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Making of: Anjaana Anjaani (2010)

Anjaana Anjaani is the story of Kiara (Priyanka Chopra) and Akash (Ranbir Kapoor). Kiara is based in San Francisco, while Akash is a New York City boy. Akash has to clear a huge loan of $12 million, which he is unable to and even the stock market crash. Unable to find any means, suicide seems the only option. He decides to jump off the George Washington Bridge. This is when he meets Kiara, who is also bound to commit suicide because she caught her fiancé Kunal (Zayed Khan) cheating on her. They both try to put an end to their lives but are deterred by the coastguards. Still keen on ending their lives, Akash deliberately gets hit by a car and Kiara falls on the bridge and breaks her neck. This proves to be yet another failed attempt and they end up in the hospital together. Kiara takes Akash to her house as his house was taken by the bank.

Continuing their attempts at suicide, they try to kill themselves five times, by all means possible, but all in vain. They make a pact and decide to ultimately end their lives on 31 December 2009. With 20 days to go, they decide to fulfill their unfinished wishes and thus begin their journey together. Kiara helps Akash find a date in order to fulfill his wish and Kiara shares how Kunal cheated on her. The next day, Akash cleans Kiara’s messy apartment and Akash, who can’t swim is forced to fulfill Kiara’s wish of swimming at the cold Atlantic Ocean. At sea, Kiara falls overboard and Akash rescues her which in turn caused their yacht to speed away. As the two slowly die because of the cold, Kiara continues telling her story to Akash. The coast guard that saw them at the bridge earlier, comes to rescue them.

Upon their return, Kiara becomes depressed again and she drinks a bottle of bleach at night in the bathroom and is rushed to the hospital. After returning, Akash, who is now secretly in love with Kiara tries everything to make her happy. The two ventures out to Las Vegas on a holiday as Akash never went on a holiday and they end up together in bed. Realization dawns on Akash when Kiara tells him that she still loves her ex-fiancé, Kunal. On Akash’s insistence, she moves back with her parents and gives Kunal a second chance, while the brokenhearted Akash moves in with his friend and colleague (Vishal Malhotra) and decides to go back to India on the night of 31 December and start afresh.

Akash attends the bank settlement and makes up with his friends, with whom he was at loggerheads. He also rekindles his relationship with his father. Meanwhile, Kiara keeps remembering her experiences with Akash in everything she does. On the 31st, Kiara realises that she is truly in love with Akash. Kunal realises this and drops her to the airport to go to ash had decided to commit suicide. Kiara reaches the bridge but finds herself alone and believes she will never see Akash again. Just then, Akash arrives. Then they go to the sea to die. At sea, Akash throws a beer bottle with a note in it. Kiara reads the paper inside the bottle and Akash proposes to her. Surprised, Kiara accepts the proposal and the couple share a kiss while the cost guard rescues them. As credits roll, it is shown that Akash and Kiara got married two years later and had a baby boy.

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