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Gippi [Riya Vij] is a 14-year-old living in Shimla with her single parent [Divya Dutta] and younger brother Booboo [Arbaz Kadwani]. She’s plump, self-conscious and doesn’t know how to handle the changes in her life. In school, she’s constantly bullied by Shamira [Jayati Modi]. At home, she’s waking up to the fact that her father [Pankaj Dheer] is all set to walk down the aisle with another woman.

During the engagement ceremony of her father, Gippi is introduced to Arjun [Taaha Shah], a senior in the school. She’s attracted to him, but mistakes his friendship for love. However, the love story comes to an embarrassing end at Shamira’s party, who’s quite a snob. Gippi decides to take life in her hands and contest the school elections against Shamira…

TAARE ZAMEEN PAR. STANLEY KA DABBA. CHILLAR PARTY… Several prominent film-makers have made films that transport you to your early days. Now Karan Johar takes you back to your teenage years with GIPPI, directed by first-timer Sonam Nair. While this is Karan/Dharma’s first film with a lady director, it also marks the production house’s foray at narrating a story minus ‘stars’. The focus, obviously, is on kids here, but let me add in the same breath, the confidence that these kids emanate easily equals most skilled actors of our times.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “Gippi is a movie meant for teens. And it has all the necessary teen masala — romance, a makeover, cheesy humour and loud music, says Kshamaya Daniel, who’s thrilled that she is finally, officially, 13! “
3.5 “GIPPI is a credible take on the ‘coming-of-age’ variety of movies. This one’s straight from the heart. Sweet, simple, emotionally engaging, heart-warming cinema!”
Bollywood Hungama
3.5 “For loads of smiles, laughs and a few tears, watch Gippi. The perfect refreshing treat this summer.”
3.5 “GIPPI is a film that is so well crafted, well enacted with an overall run time of 97 minutes that makes it crisp and to the point.”
4.0 “Gippi has just the light touch it needs and its surrounded by terrific performances. This smarty pants is sweet little family charmer. Go for it”
3.0 “Sonam Nair’s ‘coming of puberty’ film handles simple issues sensitively, though it doesn’t delve too deep.”
Times Of India
3.0 “The film teaches you to get rid of your own insecurities and accept other people’s weaknesses. And, one must add, it does a good job of doing that!”
3.0 “Gippi is fun, Gippi is relatable and Gippi is every bit adorable. A film should definitely make a hit at least among the school kids, especially as the film smartly releases during the summer vacations! “
3.0 “‘Gippi’ is a trip down memory lane – a trip flanked by nostalgia and a wistful longing to get back to those days which are never coming back again. Sonam Nair’s maiden inning is a beautiful one.”
Zee News
Average Reviews
2.5 “For all its attempts to look and feel different from the run-of-the-mill, Gippi is pretty obviously not the ultimate film about adolescence.”
NDTV Movies
2.5 “A luscious candy floss film with its pink milieu that paints a heart warming storyline.”
2.5 “Sonam Nair’s debut directorial feature underlines the cute quotient right at the outset with its character names.”
India Today
Negative Reviews
2.0 “At the outset, ‘Gippi’ promises to be a coming of age film, dealing with the issues of a teenager, but the issues need to be looked into and retold as a story.”
2.0 “A film about the pains and pleasures of growing up is always welcome, but “Gippi” isn’t as charming and likeable as it could have been.”
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