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Salman Khan’s Mental actress Sana Khan accused of kidnapping!

Hardly had Salman Khan’s Mental trudged out of one trouble, it has now landed into another. The film’s leading lady Sana Khan is wanted by Mumbai police for attempting to abduct a 15-year-old girl.

Sana Khan, who won Salman Khan’s adulation in Bigg Boss 6 and landed a role opposite him in Mental, is in hot water. The Navi Mumbai police are hunting for her in a case of attempted kidnapping of a minor girl.

Reports say that on April 30, Sana along with her cousin Naved, and his two male friends, tried to kidnap a girl in a BMW car that Sana was driving. The girl, however, wrested herself free and ran home. Later, the girl’s mother lodged a complaint against Sana, her cousin, and his friends.

Sana’s cousin Naved, and his friends Kshitij Gopinath Dubey and Vismit Vilas Ambre were arrested by cops. But the actress went into hiding.

The reason behind the attempted kidnapping is said to be a romantic relationship gone awry. Reports say Naved had met the said minor girl on Facebook in November 2012. The two became friends, met up and apparently became part of a social group. Things went wrong when Naved proposed marriage to the girl but she turned him down. Thereafter, reports say, Naved began threatening the girl and even enlisted Sana’s help to sort out the issue. But things apparently turned uglier.

Sana Khan has reportedly gone out of touch with the crew of Mental as well. Her spokesperson says Sana has been wrongly accused of forcing a minor girl to marry her cousin.

If the charge turns out to be true, it would dent Sana’s Bollywood career right at its start.


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