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Sanjay Dutt miffed with Aamir Khan

Sanjay Dutt is said to be miffed with Aamir Khan. Sanjay pleaded to postpone his sentence by a month so he could finish all his incomplete films. He named PK as one of the films which he needed to complete. However, Aamir during an interaction with the media on the event of completing 25 years in the industry, innocently let out that his film was complete and they were done with Sanju’s portions for it.

Says an insider, “When Sanju baba heard about this, he was hurt and shocked. Aamir said that Raj Kumar Hirani’s PK had been completed some time ago. Thus implying that Sanju was sitting home and whiling away his time instead of using it to shoot for the film as those dates had been allotted to him by the court. Aamir’s statement alleges that Sanju is a liar when actually Sanju has gone out of his way to allocate as many dates as possible to accommodate the film as he didn’t want to hamper its release in any way.

The random comment from Aamir hurt Sanju as he’s always regarded him younger brother. When Sanju heard about what Aamir had said he broke down. He called a fellow actor and asked why Aamir was doing this to him.” Aamir was, in fact, among the actors who dropped by Sanju’s home after the court’s verdict, so he doesn’t believe this was done out of spite.

The source adds, that instead of spending time at home with his family, Sanjay has in fact been working 24/7 to complete his shooting and dubbing assignments so no producer or film suffers because of him. Apart from PK, Rensil d Silva’s Ungli is still to be completed as well as dubbing and shooting of other films has to be finished.

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