Visually dazzling, overall one time watch! – 3.0/5.0

By: Vijay

When I saw the promos of YJHD, it seemed that this one is destined to be a blockbuster. Brilliant locations, great soundtrack, some lovely looking people, Dharma Productions backing it & Ranbir Kapoor.
Yes, unlike Wake up Sid, where it seemed like an Ayaan Mukherji film, this one looks like a K-jo fest!
Was I right? Bang on.

Ranbir, Deepika, Kalki & Aditya are friends off on a trip. They are parading through Manali & having a good time with nothing much happening. The second half takes them on a wedding & the actual story begins. At 2 hours 40 min, this one is a really long film. Though you know what will happen, you sit back & watch.

The first half doesnt take the narrative anywhere & is a breezy visual treat. The second packs in some soul, story & meanders towards an expected culmination.

As expected, Ranbir blasts through this relatively easy role without much stress. Deepika looks like a million bucks and is only growing as an actor. Kalki is a tiny firecracker.

Ayan disappoints in his second outing has he sells his soul to the commercial devil. While this might laugh all the way to the bank, I dont see it being comparable to Wake up Sid. Too much of nothing & a lot of body.

To sum it up, watch this fluffy fare to please your eyes & just about tingle your soul. Not too much depth, this ones a one-time watch that disappointed.


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