Ajay Devgn: Most trusted in B-Town

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks has been voted as the most trusted person in the US, according to a recent poll by a magazine. It was meant to ‘discover which individuals and the ideals they represent that have earned the confidence’ of the countrymen. The star topped the 100-strong list and won because of portraying the all-American values in a string of films. Please note that this has nothing to do with box-office success. So who is Bollywood’s most trusted actor? It was begging to be done. After Hrs spoke to trade analysts and filmmakers for their vote. While Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan turned out to be popular choices, the name that came on top was Ajay Devgn.

The good guy
Industrywallahs say that when it comes to screen portrayals, Ajay has played the righteous cop with such conviction that it has formed a very positive do-gooder opinion about him. He has also played a man with ideals and a dutiful son. In Singham, he made a strong impact as the upholder of law. Trade analyst Komal Nahta says, “In Singham, Ajay plays such a strong character of an ideal cop that people automatically associate him with being the kind of guy who will never fail you. The image is something that works in his favour.” Even his role in Bol Bachchan was that of a man of principles.

The family guy
Ajay is known to be quite a family man. You will never see him at parties. He takes a lot of interest in his children’s upbringing and is always present at school events. There is another side to him that no one knows about. His father has been struggling with poor health for a long time, and Ajay lives with him and takes care of his dad. A good father, a good son and a good husband (or at least a very discreet one). All this further boosts his points on the trust-o-meter, as it’s largely fuelled by their family images.

A friend indeed
Ajay stands by his friends. Whether it is whipping his friend Sanjay Dutt into shape when they worked together in All The Best or being his biggest support after his sentence was announced recently. Ajay was by his buddy’s side. He was the first actor to give a break to his secretary Kumar Mangat as a producer, and even acted in his films.

His staff adore him and have been with him for decades, that says something about the kind of person he is. Recently, he offered support to Ekta Kapoor, when he felt that she was being targeted by rival studio. He has formed solid friendships which have remained unchanged despite the success ratio. He is friends with his peers like Suneil Shetty, Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt and also with directors like Priyadarshan, Rohit Shetty and Prakash Jha, who have all repeated him in most of their films.

The good employee
He has proven his box-office mettle time and again. Be it action or comedy, Ajay is a bankable star. Also, once he signs a film, he is fully committed and professional. There are no instances of him hassling a producer or director. Whether it is spending time away for months at a stretch or not burdening his producers with the cost of his staff etc, he is a dream to work with. After Raju Chacha when he owed money to his creditors, for two years he refused to buy a phone, choosing to use his broken phone. He only bought a new phone after he paid off all his dues.

Mr clean
While controversies and Bollywood go hand-in-hand, Ajay has largely managed to steer clear of them and run-ins with law, unlike most of his peers. The only controversy he has been part of was last Diwali, when he took on the mighty Yash Raj Films and send them a legal notice for unfair business tactics by monoloplising the market, and not allowing his film Son of Sardaar the kind of release he wanted to have. His stance was more of taking a stand for something he believed in. And last but not the least, Ajay leads a disciplined and healthy lifestyle. This too adds to his trust factor, as he comes across as a worthy role model.


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