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Graphologist proves that Jiah Khan’s suicide note is FORGED gets its hands on the report of the reputed Graphologist Michael Matoff’s handwriting analysis which clearly states that the handwriting on both letters, suicide and love letters, don’t match! A copy of which, it is learnt will be presented by Aditya Pancholi in court today.

The report clearly speaks about the inner turmoil of Jiah Khan and also of her depressing state. Following is the excerpt from the report generated by Matoff:

“Nafisa was detached from her environment and the people in that environment based on obsolete family and social traditions. Nafisa was physically and emotionally abused at an early age. This is a textbook example in this handwriting sample. Subjects lowercase Y and G are noose like in design. The person was suicidal before the age of 14. Rape victims rarely get the justice they deserve, and this is another case in the long history of the repressive social fabric of the entire environment. Nafisa has articulate and accurate writing that is uniform in design. All her handwriting is right slanted, with equal spacing between all words. All suicide notes are always signed with the marker of the writer, initials or a blood drop of some sort. Dna is easy to lift from samples where human hands come in contact with paper. Slant is a major factor in determining frame of mind when writing occurs. The person had a heart ache issue from years past. Reverse lower case F reveals backward emotional states, like dragging baggage about. The entire writing sample is cursive. Garlands are the ending strokes in all words and in the beginning of a sentence. In every line, the writing, by the known sample from Nafisa, the letter B in the word ‘being’ is clearly visible. Should anyone focus on this one letter alone, it’s clear in comparison between any other sample how consistent the original sample is.”

The report further differentiates the two different letters:

“Sample #2 is clearly a second individual. Based on overall form and style. Left marginal line is not even straight and does not represent a straight marginal line that is represented in sample one. The straight up and down characteristics of sample #2 left marginal line does not match that of sample #1. Pressure is the biggest indicator of characteristics in hand writing graphology. Thickness of sample number two is greater than that of sample number one. Density of writing is greater in sample one than that of sample #2, or there are more words per square inch, than that of sample #2.”

Michael Matoff, member of the American Graphology Institute, further declares that the letter definitely is forged, “In my thirty years of handwriting analysis, never before has my research found a suicide note left unsigned. His would defeat the purpose of the note all together. There could be only one reason for this production of a suicide note after the person has already committed the act. Forgery. It is impossible for Nafisa to have produced this second unsigned note. Science would ask for samples of all family members for a comparison to find the true producer of the second note that is clear forgery.”

Only a few days ago Aditya Pancholi had lashed out in public stating that he will take severe legal action against Jiah’s family if the handwriting gets proven fake. And now that he is submitting the copy of the report in court we can only expect the tide to finally turn in his favour!

By Swati Rohatgi


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