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Jiah Khan’s suicide letter may be a fake?

Ever since Jiah Khan committed suicide, and Suraj Pancholi landed in the eye of a storm, a bitter battle has erupted between the two aggrieved mothers. On one hand, Rabia Khan has been gathering evidence to build a strong case against the Pancholi family, on the other, Suraj’s mother, Zarina Wahab, has been fighting tooth and nail to insulate her son from surging public outrage.

And now, TOI has obtained copies of Jiah’s ‘last letter’ and a set of five love letters that she wrote to Suraj during their ill-fated affair. The findings seem to suggest that the handwritings do not match.

A senior police officer (on request of anonymity) from Juhu Police Station said, “If you look at the letters which were at Jiah and Suraj’s house, you get a feeling that something is definitely not all right. However, it will be wrong to say anything emphatically until we get a confirmation from forensic experts.”

To solve the mystery of the mismatched handwriting, cops have now asked for answer sheets and bank forms filled by the late actor.

When contacted, Zarina said, “Yes, I am aware that the handwritings look different in the two sets. I think Rabia did not account for the fact that her daughter wrote love letters to my son. She was living under the impression that she only called and texted him. The truth will be out very soon.”

Added Zarina, “I have faith in God. Once forensic experts say emphatically that the letter, which Rabia handed over to the police, was not written by Jiah, I shall take legal action against that woman. But let me add that I shall consult my lawyers in detail before taking any step. I shall not do anything undignified and unjustified.”

On the other hand, when TOI contacted Rabia, she did not take the call. Jiah’s sister Kavita responded, saying, “My sister is unwell. She can’t talk. The cops who claim that the handwritings have not matched, have not notified us. We maintain that none other than Jiah wrote the letter, which they have collected from our house. Nobody knows Jiah’s handwriting better than us. It would be silly to imagine that we would stoop so low so as to fix something like to deal with our angst.”


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