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Making Of: Aurangzeb (2013)

A family of policemen… A family of gangsters… Under the guise of a respected citizen, Yashwardhan [Jackie Shroff], runs a parallel world, a world where he is the Emperor. To bring down a criminal, the law will have to now think like a criminal! When Vishal [Arjun Kapoor] is planted in Yashwardhan’s world in place of Ajay [Arjun Kapoor], the lawmakers [Rishi Kapoor and Prithviraj] roll the dice and a sequence of events unravel something much more than what Vishal bargained for, as he finds himself in a predicament that puts him to test!

AURANGZEB, a crime drama, focuses on the land mafia and the enmity between two authoritative factions: Police and mafia. The film marks the big screen debut of Atul Sabharwal, who directed a crime show [POWDER] for Yash Raj’s television unit. The director knows the technicalities right, but he falters — and falters big time — in narrating a gripping story in a concise format. Resultantly, the film tests the patience of the spectator in the second hour and the impact of several brilliant moments gets washed away in the process.

AURANGZEB catches your eye initially. There are numerous characters in this cat and mouse saga and the storytelling, although slow-paced, keeps the spectator glued to the proceedings. Atul, who has also penned the screenplay, focuses on drama more than action/violence and the back story of the prominent characters as well as the menacing games they indulge in results in an invigorating first hour. Atul makes sure he packages the narrative well with moments that, although predictable at times, stay with you.

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