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OUATIMD to be release on 15th August post CHENNAI EXPRESS’s trailer launched

It was being positioned as the clash of the titans when the dates of release were being announced, i.e. Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar clashing at the box office on the same day i.e. Eid in August 2013 with their two magnum opuses CHENNAI EXPRESS of SRK and ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI DOBARA of Akshay Kumar, but suddenly it was announced last night that OUATIMD has been postponed by a week and would now be released on 15th August.

Is it a fear of SRK walking away with all the laurels as he has the backing of the master of entertainment, Rohit Shetty and the trailer of the film that has been released yesterday underlines the fact that it is pure entertainment Rohit Shetty style with all his usual masala, but with a twist that this time around the landscapes that have been captured in the movie are enthralling.

On the other hand OUATIMD is a film that tries to capture the era of gangsters, i.e. it is more a film reconstructing the era of the past and therefore there was some kind of apprehension in the minds of producers whereby they took a decision to shift its release to 15th August! Or is it plain business sense that has guided this decision on the part of Balaji Films?

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