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Shahrukh befriended Abhinav Kashyap who is not so much of a friend of Salman Khan’s

The Shahrukh – Salman cold war is not something new in Bollywood. For years, these two actors have been warring against each other, be it through their films or their fan clubs. Latest we hear that Shahrukh has made a master move of sorts and befriended someone who is not so much of a friend of Salman Khan’s.

We are talking about Shahrukh Khan signing up a film with director Abhinav Kashyap, who has had a bitter relationship with Salman Khan. Well, call it a move to befriend the enemy’s enemy or just plain coincidence, but this hasn’t gone too well at the Khan Camp.

Abhinav Kashyap is the same director who after directing Salman Khan’s ‘Dabanng’, refused to direct the sequel. Since then, he has been off the Salman radar and now his association with SRK is not doing any good.

“Abhinav and SRK have been friends for years and that is why they often meet up. But right now there is nothing concrete. They have always wanted to work together but currently that’s about it. There is no script and no discussion” said a source, clearing the rumour that SRK had actually strategized this move.
We hear that after the completion of Shahrukh’s ‘Happy New Year’ with Farah Khan and Abhinav Kashyap’s project with Ranbir, the duo will start shooting for their film together.

Now, how is Salman going to react for this? We need to wait and watch. The only thing we can tell is that Salman seems to be having a tough time these days with everyone from heroines to directors getting the best of him!

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