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Shahrukh had to sit on the floor & rehearse his steps while shooting for Chennai Express

It’s been a month since Shah Rukh Khan had his shoulder operated upon. Apparently, he had been waiting for the shooting of Chennai Express to wrap up before he went under the knife.

Sources say while shooting for the film, the star was in such intense pain that he had to sit down on the ground in order to rehearse his dance steps.

An insider says, “SRK’s pain was unbearable. The title track of the film had several elaborate dance steps and a meeting was scheduled to discuss the it.”

Apparently, the film’s crew was aghast at Shah Rukh’s discomfort but the star would have nothing of it.

“He put his foot down and said nothing would stop him from practising his moves. Often, he would be in so much pain that he had to sit on the floor and rehearse his steps,” adds a source.


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