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SRK the only non South person in Chennai Express

Rohit Shetty’s ‘Chennai Express’ is an action love story. The plot revolves around Shah Rukh Khan, who plays a guy from Mumbai who goes to the South where he meets Deepika Padukone, who plays a Tamilian.

Interestingly, other than SRK, the entire cast and main crew are from the South — starting with director Rohit Shetty to actors Deepika, Sathyaraj and Priya Mani to writer Madi and even the cameramen Dadli and Guru.

While shooting in Munnar, there were 300 local dancers and to communicate even a simple line like ‘okay you do this with me’ was a challenge for SRK and he needed two translators to make them understand. On one occasion when Shah Rukh said, ‘Kundi kholo’ (which in Hindi means open the latch), one of the crew was shocked as kundi in Tamil means ‘bum’.


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