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Suraj Pancholi’s mother claims Jiah Khan was raped in London

While the entire country has passed a judgment on late Jiah Khan’s boyfriend for being a catalyst which drove Jiah to suicide, his mother, Zarina Wahab, is still standing as a pillar of strength for Suraj, who she claims is innocent.

And, in what may prove to be a twist in this story, Zarina has claimed that Jiah was raped as a child and not by her son.

When asked by a leading tabloid about the the rape accusations that have been brought by Rabiya, Zarina made the shocking revelation. She said, “Industry folks have told me that Jiah was raped in London when she was 14. Suraj was perhaps aware of this. Where was her mother then? She knows that Aditya is short-tempered and she is trying to portray our son in the same light. They were in love, why would he ever rape her? He is soft-spoken and very shy. While she was alive, there were never any talks about physical abuse. Why now?”

Asked about what role actor Salman Khan had to play in Jiah and Suraj’s relationship, Zarina said, “Do you think Salman has the time to do that? Aditya never told him to ask Suraj to stay away from Jiah. In fact, had I known that she was such a disturbed child, I would have asked Sooraj to end the relationship. Just a few days ago, Jiah came crying to Suraj saying she had a huge argument with her mother. She spent the entire day with him in our house, as she didn’t want to go back home. Just a month back, Suraj told Jiah’s mother that he wanted to break up with her. She told Suraj to stay mum as of then and to reveal it to her gradually.”

According to Zarina, she only came to know about Jiah’s abortion through TV. “When two youngsters are in a relationship, they might get physical. But they never stayed under one roof. Sooraj stays with us and she used to live alone in the neighbourhood. But yes, they used to spend time together. Suraj used to feel bad about Jiah’s turbulent past and that’s why he was so protective of her,” added Wahab.

For now, Zarina is only trying to prove her son’s innocence and believes truth will prevail. “I believe in God and I know my prayers will work,” she concluded.


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