Clicked: Hrithik Roshan discharged from Hinduja hospital

Hrithik Roshan bid goodbye to the Hinduja hospital — where he had been admitted since Sunday — a few hours ago (around 10am). And as you read this, he must have already reached home, resting in his bedroom. A chirpy Hrithik stepped outside the hospital, waved at his fans with a wide smile, raised his hands above his shoulders and announced that he’s fit and fine now.

He had spent four days and three nights there, along with his wife Sussanne Roshan who reportedly spent the longest time with him at the hospital, while papa Rakesh Roshan, mummy Pinky, uncle Rajesh Roshan, and many more from their family kept on visiting Duggu. Hrithik is now headed home and will reportedly be on bed rest for about 3 weeks, at least.

Sources at Hinduja hospital had admitted to PTI that Hrithik will be discharged on Thursday, at 9:30am. Since last night, Duggu has been all set to leave from the hospital and his family was busy preparing for the same. The packing had been done and the goodbyes to doctors and nurses had begun.

Hrithik Roshan discharged from Hinduja hospital

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