Digging deeper into the world of our Bollywood dons

It’s hard to associate the word ‘romance’ with our bhais. But even the most hardened bhais sometimes lose their heart and fall crazily in love. Dig a bit and what do you find under that rough and tough exterior? A mushy, sentimental dil that longs for the pyaar of a good woman. Sounds insane, but it is true. Once a bhai believes he has ‘made it’, there’s just one thing he yearns for — love — and a woman to call his own. Not just any woman, mind you. But someone ethereally beautiful. Pure and virginal, innocent and untouched. Like a heavenly ‘Pari’. Soft, loyal, giving, alluring, aloof, unattainable…. and therefore impossibly sexy!

The bhai knows he can purchase any woman he fancies. But that’s not what he wants. His ambitions have grown and he goes out on a limb to capture the woman’s heart after he has acquired her body. The bhai starts desiring a real relationship. A ‘normal’ domestic life. He dreams about wooing his fantasy girl, winning her love and living happily ever after. The world is his playground at this point. But the bhai is lonely. He trusts nobody. And nobody trusts him. In such a desolate scenario, he hopes to find a bedmate and confidante. An ally and lover. That stereotype rarely changes.

Think of our desi girls who attracted bad boys. Girls like Mandakini, Mamta Kulkarni, Monica Bedi. All three happened to be good looking starlets who fell for dangerous men, and lived to tell the tale. There is a common narrative that links these doomed love stories. The trajectory of the affairs is similar. So is the profile of the molls. Most of the ladies who tantalised, enticed and enchanted these dreaded men were failed actresses in search of that one big break. Catching the fancy of a don was seen as a ticket to instant fame and big time. All the baddie had to do to impress his woman was make that one chilling call to a producer — and the movie was hers. Of course, the girl had to be blindingly beautiful (at least in the eyes of the bhai). She also needed to possess certain attributes — light eyes, fair skin, and dangerous curves. Having such a trophy mistress was every bhai’s ultimate dream.

The nightmare generally began when a hardened bhai made the mistake of falling in love. For the girl… and those around her, it often became a living hell. Particularly if the poor girl was in love with another man. Bhais don’t believe in sharing. The man had to go. A woman needed guts to resist the amorous attention of a bhai. Especially a besotted, obsessive bhai. A man ready to kill or be killed for her. Here’s an oft repeated question — what do women see in dangerous men? The obvious answer is — ‘danger’. A certain type of woman finds danger most erotic. Danger becomes her aphrodisiac. Danger turns her on. And risk replaces responsibility. Once a woman tastes blood (literally!), everything else appears too tame, too dull. Men can sense that in a woman. Especially men who live dangerously themselves.

It’s a deadly combination when two such people connect. Their volatile relationship fuels violence…violence fuels passion. They fight, make up, make love, break up. Insecurity, uncertainty and suspicion add exciting dimensions to this combustible love cocktail. It’s a sure fire formula for emotional atyachaar. And yet this roller coaster ride continues, till the relationship hits that final roadblock. That’s when those deadly shots ring out. When a bhai’s bullets fly, there’s no knowing who’ll take the hit. And that is the asli thrill!

Unfortunately, there are rarely any happy endings for these deadly love stories…..

Produced by Balaji Motion Pictures, Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara releases worldwide on 15th August.

Courtesy: TOI

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