Movie Preview: Ramaiya Vastavaiya (2013)

Ramaiya Vastavaiya, an upcoming Bollywood romance film directed by Prabhu Deva be a remake of Prabhu Deva’s directorial debut Telugu blockbuster Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana which in turn was inspired by the 1980s romantic cult movie Maine Pyaar Kiya.The film introduces producer Kumar Taurani’s son Girish Kumar, opposite Shruti Haasan.It will be a remake of Prabhu Deva’s directorial debut Telugu blockbuster Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana which in turn was inspired by the 1980s romantic cult movie Maine Pyaar Kiya. The Theatrical trailer Of Ramaiya Vastavaiya was uploaded on 25 April 2013 and is expected to release on 19 July 2013.

The story starts in a jail, where prisoner Muthupandi (Prabhu) is telling his life story to a police officer (Vijayakumar). Muthupandi is a self -made, Hard working man, who dotes on his only sister Kavitha (Trisha Krishnan). Their mother died when Kavitha was little and it was Muthupandi who brought her up with a lot of love and care. Kavitha’s best friend Lalitha (Richa Pallod) is getting married; 15 days before her marriage she takes Kavitha to her house. This is the first time Kavitha has been away from her brother. At first she refused because she doesn’t want be away from her brother.

However, her brother advised her that its only 15 days and he’ll be fine; he wont be alone because he has two servants to accompany him. After a lot of persuasion from her brother and her best friend she agrees to the visit. Lalitha’s cousin Santhosh (Jayam Ravi), the happy-go-lucky son of multi-millionaires Krishnan (Bhagyaraj) and Janaki (Geetha), comes to India with his mother for Lalitha’s marriage. Santhosh is the opposite of Kavitha in terms of upbringing and status. The first time they met does not leave a good impression for both. As fate would have it, the two fall in love. Santhosh’s sophisticated mother refuses their relation and cares for socio-economic status over her son’s happiness. Santhosh’s mother has already agreed to marry her son to her older brother’s daughter, Shalini. Santhosh’s mother had never broke a promise until then. Shalini gets suspicious about Kavitha and Santhosh. When she sees Santhosh chasing Kavitha, she can tell there is something going on between them. Angrily, she went up to Kavitha’s room and sees a beautiful horse and, next to it, a note saying do not touch. However, Shalini breaks it because she was unhappy and she wants Kavitha to be unhappy, too. The horse was a gift to from her brother to Kavitha, when she was little. Kavitha has alwaays looked after it very carefully. It was the most precious thing she had except her brother.

When Kavitha finds about the broken horse she cries. She doesn’t stop crying even whensLalitha advised her to. Santhosh couldn’t bear to see Kavitha unhappy so he glued the horse together, which made Kavitha like him more. On the day of Lalitha’s wedding, Janaki sends Santhosh out of the house on the pretense of buying some bangles. As soon as he leaves, she insults Kavitha. Kavitha’s brother, who excitedly arrives for the marriage with gifts for Lalitha and her brother, is also insulted. Muthupandi leaves with his sister, not willing to make a fuss at the wedding. Santhosh gets word from his mother that Kavitha has left him and is heartbroken. Lalitha convinces Santhosh that Kavitha has not left him because she left the most precious thing in her life — the horse — in her room for him to take. He travels to Kavitha’s village and asks Muthupandi for his sister’s hand in marriage.

Muthupandi, who is offended and angry at his arrival, says that he hates rich people because he believes that his mother’s death was caused by his rich father’s arrogance and that Santhosh’s mother’s actions only made things worse. Santhosh begs for a chance saying that he left his parents and his luxurious life behind. Muthupandi still appears disgusted but relents. He challenges Santhosh to live the life of a farmer, taking care of livestock. Thinking Santhosh would leave at once, Muthupandi simply smiles and waits for him to grab his bags. Santhosh accepts the condition of working on his farm, living as a farmer until the next harvest. The hardships that Santhosh faces and how he rises past them take up much of the second half of the film. Not only does Santhosh succeed in the challenges, he also finds a place in Muthupandi’s heart. Soon, Santhosh’s mother sends goons to take Kavitha away.

Together, Santhosh and Muthupandi save her. Santhosh kills the goon in charge, and Muthupandi takes the blame. The story comes back to the jail, where Muthupandi wraps up the story of his past. The officer tells him that Santhosh and Kavitha are probably married with kids. It is revealed that Santhosh and Kavitha were waiting for Muthupandi’s release to get married. When he is released he looks for his sister and finds out that Kavitha never got married to Santhosh because Santhosh insisted that their marriage should be when Muthupandi is free. Kavitha and Santhosh’s marriage happens. Santhosh’s mother also comes to the village and all ends well. In the end, it is hinted that Muthupandi and Valli may have a romantic relationship soon.


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