Movie Review: Nasha (2013)

Box Office: Flop

Anita (Poonam) makes an entry as a summer (read: hot) activity teacher at school. In micro-minis, swaying derriere and long legs – she’s the doyen of every boy’s wet dream. Everytime she goes for a morning jog, the boys get off on a cardio of the carnal senses. Back to school, the activities include a play (foreplay to follow) on love and romance (as a bonus she throws in seduction too. Lucky boys!).

One of them, Saahil (Shivam) gets obsessed with his 25-something teacher, but soon the schoolboy fantasy turns into a fiery, passionate longing that abandons reason. Enter, Anita’s boyfriend, Sam (Vishal Bhonsle), with his libido unleashed (they peck and pet in public, quite educational, eh!). What follows is a lot of drama (mostly out-of-bed), padded with unmoving subplots and uninspiring music.

A number of movies have depicted a brewing ‘love story’ between a young boy and an older woman and vice versa. NASHA is no different. This one marks the debut of Poonam Pandey, who has been in the news for varied reasons. Besides exuding heat, Poonam tries her level best to spell seduction with the capital ‘S’.

NASHA has been made on a plot which has been the domain to many likeminded films like MERA NAM JOKER [1970], DOOSRA AADMI [1977], EK NAYI PAHELI [1984], MAYA MEMSAAB [1993], EK CHHOTISI LOVE STORY [2002], NISHABD [2007] and CHEENI KUM [2007], wherein a young boy/man falls for an older woman or vice versa. Even though the promotions of NASHA make the audience’s expectation meter soar really high, expecting more of skin show in the process, director Amit Saxena serves an emotional tale instead of padding the narrative with steamy sequences.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.0 “Nasha gives you a nice hangover”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “NASHA is more of an emotional love story than a film that rides on skin fest. An average fare!”
Bollywood Hungama
2.0 “If you’re looking for something more between the sheets, this will leave you high and dry.”
Times Of India
2.0 “Nasha could’ve been a lot better had it been for a better actress than Poonam Pandey and a more polished and edited story. “
2.0 “If you have been lusting for Poonam Pandey ever since she shot to fame, Nasha might intoxicate you…if you expect something more, you are sure to be disappointed.”
2.0 “At most, here’s old ‘Nasha’ in a new bottle. Tastes flat.”
Deccan Chonicles
2.0 “Nasha is strictly for Poonam Pandey’s drooling followers. It’s mildly titillating, bleakly reflective and hardly thought-provoking. “
2.0 “One needs to understand that the word ‘S’ doesn’t really work everytime for a film’s success.”
One India
1.0 “Nasha flaunts its titillating skin show with such pride that it will grotesque you out. “


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