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Shah Rukh Khan rushed his baby to three hospitals

Within a day of coming into the world, a premature baby was treated at three different hospitals in the hope of a ” miracle”. The birth of superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son from a surrogate mother was no less than a dramatic family film with a happy ending.

His baby was born four weeks premature at Masrani Hospital in Andheri on May 27, said doctors who treated him.

He weighed just 1.5 kg at birth and developed complications that doctors at Masrani found difficult to treat.

Khan, after consultations, shifted his son to Nanavati hospital. His confidence in Nanavati is well known as he has been undertaking physiotherapy sessions at the hospital. However, doctors at Nanavati could not do much for his baby, whose condition had become more critical by then.

Khan was then advised to take the baby to Breach Candy hospital.

” The neo natal care in Breach Candy is much better and specialised than Nanavati, hence Shah Rukh moved the baby to Breach Candy hospital,” said a source. The condition of the baby was so critical that both Khan and his wife Gauri were praying for his recovery, the source added.

The baby since then has made a quick recovery. After spending three weeks in incubator in the neo natal care, the baby now is with his parents at Khan’s home, ‘ Mannat’. There’s still one more twist to this happy ending, though.

There’s no clarity as to who the mother of the child is. According to some reports, the actor’s sister- in- law Namita Chibber could have given birth to the baby. However, there is no confirmation on the same.


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