Bollywood Stars who can bring colourful character of Lord Krishna to life

Krishna is one of the most powerful, popular and playful avatars of Lord Vishnu. Of all the Hindu Gods, Krishna is perhaps the only one who is closest to our hearts. Be it his mischievous childhood, his playful nature, charismatic personality, Raas Leela or his gallantry, Krishna has been a source of inspiration to many.

Bollywood, too, has not been able to resist the colourful dimensions of Lord Krishna’s personality and has often made reference to him in movies. One of the most recent one Oh My God saw Akshay Kumar playing the role of modern-day Krishna, who is good looking, witty and intelligent. While Akshay did complete justice to the role of Lord Krishna, we bring out a list of actors who can bring the magnanimous and colourful character of Lord Krishna to life:

Shah Rukh Khan: With his dark good looks and a dimpled smile, SRK is one of our top contenders who can do justice to the role of Lord Krishna on silver screen. The baadshah of romance is witty, charismatic and intelligent. SRK will do complete justice in bringing alive the romantic nature that Lord Krishna was known for. Wouldn’t it be fun to see our own King Khan romancing the gopis on screen in his DDLJ ishtyle!

Salman Khan: Another top contender to play Lord Krishna on silver screen is our Sallu Bhai. With his drop dead good looks, a body to die for, action stunts and his playboy image, Salman will also do complete justice in portraying Lord Krishna. Salman has had a colourful past with a string of affairs with his heroines. This would help the audience to connect with this dashing actor as Krishna. Also his muscular body will be apt in fighting the demons or lifting the Govardhana hill with his finger.

Abhishek Bachchan: From what we hear, junior B is supposed to be quite a prankster on the sets. With his dark good looks and an excellent comic timing, Abhishek will be able to do complete justice in bring alive Krishna’s playful nature to the fore. Abhishek will also be able to carry action stunts just fine.

So who according to you will be the best Lord Krishna on silver screen?

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