Complete package!! That’s what a SRK movie calls for – 4.5/5.0

A film with Rohit Shetty, Deepika Padukone and the King Khan, it’s needless to say about it being a must watch. The film gives you comedy, action, drama and SRK signature romance, everything in Rohit Shetty style.

The film maintains an authenticity; like Khan not playing a south indian, tamil villagers speaking rarely in hindi , Deepika’s tamil accent and the typical don potrayed by Sathyaraj among many others. A ton of dialogues are in Tamil but the brilliant screenplay work leaves no need for translation. It does not display south Indian fashion in action scenes; there is no place where the whole crowd attacks the hero and the hero throws them a kilometer away with one sword single handedly. However, it does not spoof south Indian culture at any moment.

The music of Chennai Express is charismatic. The film has a variety of soundtracks. SP Balasubramaniam returns to bollywood after a decade with a fast upbeat title song of the movie. Titli and Tera Rasta Chhodoon Na are soothing songs while Kashmir Main Tu Kanyakumari with it’s wonderful lyrics and rythm makes you hum and sing all day. King Khan is known for having something new in all his movies lately. With RA.One it was the whole sci-fi action while in Chennai Express it is in the music section with the song Ready Steady Po! It marks the introduction of club songs in bollywood with Indian DJs doing the mixing and Vishal Dadlani singing with the sweet voice of Natalie Di Luccio. And of course when a movie has ‘Chennai’ in it’s name, it is incomplete without Rajnikanth being mentioned. Thalaiva Tribute is a very catchy song from rapper Honey Singh. Altogether, the music is a treat to ears.

Deepika Padukone steals the show with carrying herself as a tamil lady and the accent she speaks with. She has a comic character till towards the end of the film and she maintains it until she turns emotional by the climax and the blockcuster OSO duo have a sizzling chemistry.

Shah Rukh Khan, rightly called as the King Of Bollywood has his royalty and even at 47 playing a 40 year old, retains his boyish charm and ease of a bachelor. He plays a comic role after a really long time and we loved it like we loved Baadshah. SRK playing all aspects of acting never ceases to please us.
Chennai Express has already broken the record of collection from paid previews, held previously by 3 Idiots at 2.7 crores, Chennai Express has collected more than a whooping amount of 6 crores. And we hope it shatters many more records..

By: Yahs Bagri


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