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Dawood Ibrahim desires to watch OUATIMD

At a time when Pakistan is waffling over the whereabouts of Dawood Ibrahim, a certain film publicist seems remarkably confident about his location. The said publicist contacted mediapersons late on Monday night to inform that Dawood had apparently expressed a desire to watch Ekta Kapoor’s upcoming film set in the Mumbai underworld.

What’s more, the publicist offered to set up a telecon with D-man himself, for anyone interested in having… you know… a little chit-chat about films and the weather we presume. In this season of outrageous publicity gimmicks where no familial relation or faith is sacrosanct, this one could well come out tops. Hope the goodfellas at our intelligence agencies are reading this. At least they’d know who to call now to get to the country’s most-wanted man.

Courtesy: TOI

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