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I am glad about working with Akshay: Nargis Fakhri

Just a film old, foreign import of Indian decent Nargis Fakhri, who stormed in Bollywood by starring opposite Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar, stayed in news more for her personal link-ups with actors like Shahid Kapoor or Uday Chopra than her films. After nearly two years the actress has her second release Madras Cafopposite John Abraham finally making it to the theaters. We caught up with the actress during the promotions of the film to find out what went wrong:

According to director Shoojit Sircar, Madras Caf is your re-launch. Comment
I did have that gap between my first film to this. So it could be like a re-launch.Madras Caf is totally different, the story is intense. It is a political thriller shot in a different way. My character is totally different from that of Rockstar.Shoojit knows me and has seen that I have grown. He told me I have done a great job I appreciate his comment, it means a lot to me.

Was the gap that came along intentional? Did it become frustrating with people writing negative stories in the meantime?
There were so many different things were going on. I never came here to settle down, till Rockstar happened. After Rockstar I was bombarded with so many scripts but I did not feel connected to anything.

I was adjusting, thinking should I move here or not. After deciding to move on out here, I had crazy number of ad films, magazine and events, so many different things that kept me busy.

Then I took classes in learning Hindi, dance. I didn’t know not doing films will become big. It was embarrassing when (negative things were written about me) such things were coming out.

The response that I got after my first film was overwhelming. There were offers but I was waiting to get the right one. I would like to work on something that I would feel connected to, something I would like to watch as an audience, something that has a message, information, educates people. Everything (Films) is not only about fancy clothes, eye lashes, fake hair and dancing. I am not complaining as I just did an item song. But with this character that I am playing I got opportunity to show my other side.

You had apparently signed Khiladi 786 opposite Akshay Kumar. Do you regret missing out on that film?
There is no regret. They had a character change and things did not work out then, so it is fine. We have to work towards things to achieve something; it was not easy for me. I did learn Hindi; it took time for me to adjust and understand things.

I know there were people saying I should been doing six films a year but it is taxing. And I am in no rush. It is hard to be away from family and close friends and work for so many months on a project. I give credit to women who do it as they are emotional and need comfort from family and friends.

Were there times when you felt like packing bags and heading back home?
I did feel that way many times. I learnt Kathak for three months every day for four hours, I enjoyed watching it but it is freaking hard to do it yourself. Now I can understand Hindi and that was biggest achievement for me. I want to go back home and tell people I know Hindi. Life has so much more to offer. My happiness lies in learning, exploring different things because when I am old and removing my false teeth, want to tell my grand kids I was a Bollywood star and I did learn Hindi, did an item song etc. And whether I do less or more films doesn’t matter. There are few people who are lucky to get a chance to do this.

Despite not doing Khiladi 786, you are getting a chance to work with Akshay Kumar once again in Shaukeen remake…
It is a remake of an old classic. I haven’t seen the original film yet but have seen the rushes. It is going to be a modern take. I am glad about working with Akshay, who wouldn’t want to work with him. He is talented and good looking. I remember watching Akshay doing a comedy film when I was in America. So there was this sense of familiarity.

All this while the negative stories were being written about you, did you feel they are taking away from your work?
Stories like that make no sense. It is not true and it makes things worse. It is upsetting and unfortunate. I stopped reading newspaper. With the false reports doing the rounds I started questioning other stories in news as well be it political whether they are true or not. I started going crazy. I have learnt to understand that is the way it is. You can’t stop media. You either cry over or not.


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