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Imran Khan is very underrated performer: Milan Luthria

Tomorrow, the cards would be finally laid out once OUATIMD releases all over. While there is little to choose between Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn, who was the senior actor in the prequel, one waits to see how Imran Khan steps into a part, which is so unlike the kind of characters he has played ever since his debut in JAANE TU YA JAANE NAA.

“Well, I am not new listening to something like this,” smiles director Milan Luthria, while adding, “Even with Emraan Hashmi, people’s perception was different when he stepped in for OUATIM. He had never done anything like that before but then he brought his own style and flair. Ditto is the case with the sequel and we had to get horses of course. We wanted to cast a person who could play the antithesis to Akshay’s evil villainous character. While there was one man who was evil, other one had to be righteous with a lot of integrity. Imran’s fit the bill.”

In the film, Imran plays a ‘hero’ who is the protege of his ‘villain’ mentor, looks at him with much awe and respect and yet has a distinctly romantic and funny side to him.

“For those wondering about Imran, let me also add that there is a lot of humour in the film. Now don’t we associate Imran with humour? As a matter of fact, I enjoyed his casting a lot because I knew that given the kind of milieu he was being put into, I could work a lot on his persona and change it.”

Referring to his experience in doing so with Vidya Balan in THE DIRTY PICTURE, he adds, “We had turned her personality around completely for the film, hadn’t we? With Imran too it felt like a nice new dish to dig my teeth into. He is very underrated performer. Yes, he comes across as someone who has done lighter films and that’s why people have slotted him in a particular genre. But then he has shown his range in DELHI BELLY. It is going to be a new and unseen Imran in OUATIMD. Wait and watch.”


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