Movie Review: B.A. Pass (2013)

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Adapted from Mohan Sikka’s short story, ‘Railway Aunty’, it’s about the doom and desperation of an impoverished life and the extremes one can go to redeem themselves of an ignominious existence.The orphaned and penniless Mukesh (Shadab) moves to Delhi to live with his bua and complete his B.A degree. Deprived of love and respect, he befriends grave-digger Johnny (Dibyendu) who becomes his chess mate. Until one day he meets the fiercely flirtatious married auntyji, Sarika (Shilpa), who swiftly seduces and beds him.

The one-day adultery turns into addiction, she plays sex-guru and he surrenders as sex-slave. The moods of passion and ‘positions’ change with shades of her lingerie and Mukesh sinks deeper into this promiscuous ‘sinfest’. The erotic ecstasy is dramatically disrupted when he’s betrayed by both fate and friendship.

Despite the diverse stories being narrated on the Hindi screen, making a film that deals with the aspect of sex, prostitution or erotica can be and is an extremely sensitive topic. However, director Ajay Bahl excels with aesthetically shot love making scenes in B.A. PASS. Set in present-day Delhi, more specifically the Paharganj area, replete with the sights and sounds of the vicinity, B.A. PASS tells a gripping story of a young, financially challenged man who unknowingly gets forced into prostitution.


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Positive Reviews
4.5 “If you are looking for brutally honest cinema, then B.A. PASS is for you. “
4.0 “A Stark, brutal saga of seduction & betrayal”
4.0 “This is adult cinema, neither cheap nor sniggering, but revelatory of reality behind closed doors. Try it.”
Deccan Chronicle
4.0 “Debutant director Ajay Bahl has created a gem, which shines as a work of art, showing life’s most grim and harsh reality.”
India Today
3.5 “BA Pass is an impressively dark and sexy film.”
3.5 “BA Pass combines the bone-dry quality of a chiselled short story and the stark directness of a minimalist tragedy to deliver a taut, gripping film about the hell that a big city can be behind the bright neon lights and the living room glass cabinets stacked with flashy dolls.”
NDTV Movies
3.5 “Certainly sensational but not exceptional.. B.A. Pass is still ‘worth’ for its bravo, raw, dark and erotic appeal powered by some acting smarts and well executed love making scenes.”
3.0 “B.A. PASS is a stark and brutal saga of seduction and betrayal that explores the darkest recesses of the human conscious and morality.”
3.0 “If you want a change from the colourful canvas of Bollywood, and you like it dark, very dark – test this one out.”
Times Of India
3.0 “If dark and gritty films rock your boat, do watch this film.”
Movie Talkis
3.0 “B.A. Pass is one gritty, startling fare which does deserve a watch however could’ve been better had the filmmaker stuck to his realism instead of taking a Bollywoodish route. “
3.0 “B.A. Pass will engage you with its smartly written story line and some standout performances.”
DNA India
3.0 “Making the most of the so-called neo-noir genre, the film at hand rises above the mundane and tries to stick its neck out into the darker side of life.”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “In the film, Bahl creates claustrophobia well, and then loses the story and the characters in it. “


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