Priyanka, Rakesh, Vivek Talks: Krrish 3

Kangs speaking about her role, “Kaya” she is half human & half chameleon. The most seductive, sexy, beautiful & dangerous mutant. When asked about the actions, she said she trained really hard, lost a lot of weight & said that there is a signature action move of “Kaya” which hopefully will become iconic. When asked to show it, she said that there is yet time for that & she will surely show it when the real promotions begin.

RR said he had made a film with the aim of entertaining everybody, spoke about mutants with long tongues, with unbelievable superpowers & how Krrish has to deal with them. About comic books, replicas figurines made in china…he had planned the merchandise the day the script was finished, said this time he had enough time to plan all that & lastly said “watch the trailer”

Vivek spoke about his character with excitement, how twisted Kaal is. about how after seeing the animated action he couldn’t believe it & asked Duggs whether they both will really get to do such action scenes, about how dedicated Duggs was at the gym even after hours & hours of tiring shooting & pushed him too.

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