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Ranbir’s often spotted in a Santacruz building

It’s not as if Ranbir Kapoor is only spending time with Katrina Kaif. In fact, when the young actor wants to let loose, he is either with Ayan Mukerji or then a South Indian friend of his who resides in Santacruz.

People who live in the same building as RK Jr’s friend are excited about the actor’s nocturnal visits to their fancy building.

Onlookers say Ranbir is one of those chilled out guys who doesn’t carry his superstardom into his edifice. He is happy to hang around the reception area of the housing complex without a care in the world.

Must say Junior is a good break from some other superstars who take the trappings of stardom too seriously and are constantly peeking over their shoulders to see if they are getting noticed.

Welcome to the new breed of celebrities who can differentiate between real and reel.


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