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A 10-year-old kid seeks to direct Irrfan Khan

With the varied roles that he is doing and the accolades that he has been getting for The Lunchbox, any actor would expect to be approached for different kinds of films, even offbeat ones.

But, for Irrfan, it came as a complete surprise when he was asked by a 10-year-old to act in his first film!

It so happens that Irrfan was approached by his son’s best friend, who is directing a short film for a school project. The kiddo approached Irrfan with a handwritten script and wanted his friend’s daddy to act in it. He spoke to Irrfan about it and explained the story to him.

We hear that the actor was so touched and even impressed with the 10-year-old’s hard work and his script that he immediately agreed.


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