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Am too young to settle down now: Neetu Chandra

Neetu Chandra likes to call herself a global actor. Not because her name has been linked to Hollywood films, but because her filmography now boasts of a Greek movie, besides Hindi, Tamil and Telugu films. After a two-year break, the actress says two of her films are ready for release and her Greek film will also be out soon.

I auditioned for the film on Skype!
Neetu has recently returned from Europe after shooting for a bilingual film by Greek director Kyriakos Tofaridis, for which Anurag Kashyap had recommended her. “Greek mein zyaada filmein nahin banti hain, this is one of the biggest productions there. I’m the solo actress opposite three male leads. Anurag Kashyap had recommended me for the film, and I auditioned for it on Skype! The director is fantastic. We shot for the movie in Cyprus and other parts of Europe,” says Neetu.

The film is a love story, with a backdrop of political satire and Neetu says it will be released around November. The actress had to learn Greek for the film and she still finds it hard to pronounce Greek names. “It took me a while before I could pronounce the director’s name, so I used to call him KT. There are actors whose names I still can’t pronounce. I had to learn Greek for the film and I have dubbed my lines in the film myself. The movie is a mix of Greek and English both – it’s bilingual,” she shares.

During her stay in Greece, Neetu says she got a hang of the country’s culture and found it to be pretty similar to that of India. She says, “Greek culture has lots to do with Indian culture. They are similar to us on many fronts. They have a very conservative society. Shooting there was fun though. Europeans don’t have much knowledge about Indians, they used to think I’m Spanish. They think Indians are only people who work as helpers at home. I interacted with them, told them that I’m an actress from India. I hope I have been able to change their perception. I too learned a lot from there. Theatre culture is huge in Greece, school mein jaise bhejte hain waise bachchon ko theatre ke liye bhejte hain.”

Good projects are coming my way
Coming back to Hindi films, Neetu says she has been lucky with the projects that have come her way and the kind of directors she has worked with. She says, “Coming from a non-filmi background, the industry doesn’t give you too many chances. I’ve luckily worked with the best of the directors – Garam Masala, Traffic Signal, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!. I’ve worked with National Award-winning directors even in the south film industries. I don’t want to fill my plate with anything and everything.” And that is the reason why she hasn’t had any release in the past two years. “Two of my Hindi films are ready to release, and I’m working on two more. Good, quality stuff is coming my way. I’ve done 18 films so far, out of which 11 are Hindi. My Tamil and Telugu films have been superhits,” she says.

Not settling down anytime soon
Neetu has just finished shooting Shooter with Randeep Hooda, whom she was rumoured to be dating at one point. Quiz her about this and the actress says, “A lot has been said about my personal life, right now I want my work to talk about me. Standing up on your own feet is very important, and I don’t want to comment on who I am dating or not. To quote my Kathak teacher Sitara Devi, ‘Koi mard, koi paisa ya jaaydaad tumhara saath nahin dega, marte dam tak tumhari kala tumhara saath degi, usko pakad ke rakkho’.”

So you are not settling down anytime soon?
“No, I am too young for that. I want my career to be settled first,” says Neetu.

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