Book a movie date three months in advance with Rs 1500

First came advance booking, then paid previews and marketing wizards have now thrown up another innovation to attract movie-goers to the turnstiles.

A leading multiplex is now letting patrons book tickets to big releases upto three months in advance, though the amenity comes with a big pricetag. If you avail of the new scheme, a movie ticket can cost you upto a good Rs 1500. Tickets for films like ‘Besharam’ (October 2) ‘Ram Leela’ (November 15) and ‘Dhoom 3’ (December 25) are already up for grabs at PVR Cinemas.

When contacted Kamal Gianchandani, President PVR pictures confirmed the development. “Movie watching is an impulsive decision that usually happens 2-3 days before the release. With pre-booking, the audience can escape the last minute scramble and it is also an advantage for us. It helps us gauge the preference of the audience towards a film and the right numbers of shows can be allotted taking into account the demand for it,” he said.

When asked about the response to the scheme, Gianchandani said, “I don’t have the numbers right now but there are many takers for it as the online booking option makes it extremely convenient.”

The theatre also gives you the choice to select a preferred venue, though only weekend slots are currently available within the option. Normally, advance booking opens two days before a movie’s release, usually on a Wednesday.

But is the audience ready to bear the rather heavy price tag for this newly minted privilege. Urvi Ashar, a 28-year-old Human Resource executive from Navi Mumbai, opines that the move may go kaput.

“I won’t book a movie so much in advance. I like to see the promo first and then make a decision. And I will never pay such an exorbitant amount for advance booking,” she said. But Rohit Aggarwal, an assistant director with a TV channel said otherwise. “If it’s my favourite actor and I feel that I might not get the ticket in that week, then I will consider this option,” he said.

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