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Deepika keen to work with superstar Salman

It may not go down well with her mentor Shah Rukh Khan, who gave Bangalore lass Deepika Padukone her first break in Bollywood with Om Shanti Om, and together they did the highest grossing Bollywood film Chennai Express. But, that did not deter Deepika from expressing her interest to work with Salman Khan, who shares cold vibes with SRK.

Deepika says she is keen to work with superstar Salman but is waiting for something special to bring them together on screen. Deepika had an acting debut offer from Salman, which happened way before she was chosen by Farah Khan for Om Shanti Om. However, she declined it then as she felt she was not ready to face the camera.

“He offered me my first film when I was too young and I was not ready to be in front of the camera. I will always be grateful to him. Just the fact that he offered me a film was a great thing. It is taking a long time for us to come together on screen, so I think there is something special waiting for us,” Deepika said.

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